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It is a tool that facilitates transactions among businesses and helps making traditional currencies easier to use with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among others.

universe coin get it on google play
universe coin get it on google play
universe coin payment terminal

About Us

Universe Coin is an international company that offers a payment gateway to cryptocurrencies  that offers immediate conversion to fiat currency for the receiver of the transfer.

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The Solution

The Universe Coin model aims at charging in cryptocurrency, processing in fiat currency and transferring to the seller also in fiat currency, with total exemption of transaction fees for the seller.

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1. A iniciates a transfer to B.

2. The transaction is represented in the network as a block.

3. The block is passed on to each
component of the network.

4. The network verifies the validity of the transaction.

5. The block is then be added to the chain, which provides an indelible and transparent register of the transaction.

6. B receives the money.


Marcos Ozi

Marcos Ozi

Founder & CEO

Investor and businessman. Has extensive experience in the management of companies from various areas, as well as administrative consulting, financial and information technology. Currently holds investments in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Jorge Mesquita

Jorge Mesquita

Founder & COO

Manager and entrepreneur with academic background in marketing. As an entrepreneur led talented teams and ambitious projects in the areas of advertising, computing and telecommunications.
Most recently, created and developed international teams at the various companies in which he participated as a management consultant. Cryptocurrency enthusiast, has been following the market closely for several years.

Filipe Camargo

Filipe Camargo

Founder & CIO

Programmer with extensive knowledge in object-oriented PHP and focusing on Laravel and
Cakephp3React, React Native, Node JS, Composer, MySql, Object Oriented, Advanced Git, RestFull API,
Knowledge and creation of smart contracts in Ethereum blockchain

Miqueias Silva

Miqueias Silva

Founder & CTO

Programmer with extensive experience in PHP systems development focusing on Laravel and Cakephp3.
Experience in Git, RestFull API, Linux, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Mariana Sousa

Mariana Sousa


Academic training in teaching and public administration. Experience in banking networks, legislative processes and most recently analyst and financial officer in companies.

Maria João

Maria João

Cifra, Lda – Accounting

Her professional career began in 1994, having
served as CFO in the automotive and construction industry. 
Accountant enrolled in the Portuguese OTOC, graduated in Business Management from ISLA – Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração – deepened her knowledge in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. Currently teaches Accounting, Financial Management, Credit Management and Collection.

Sálvio Cucolo

Sálvio Cucolo

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Over 35 years of communication consulting experience;
Experienced manager of people and teams;
Leader in branding processes in all its extension and implementation;
Expert in Digital Marketing and Ranking Strategies, SEO, SEM, Sales Funnels, LQS and MQS.
Expertise in organizing promotional, social and corporate events;
Extensive portfolio of works with recognized brands.


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