The cryptocurrency industry is hiring more and will increase its market-related functions during the year. During the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC), noted that there were at least six companies hiring in the exhibit halls.

Some websites show us a great number of jobs are available on employment listing sites like Indeed, Monster, and

While searching worldwide for the term “cryptocurrency,” the job site Monster has 118 roles available. There are even more jobs available on Monster when searching the term “blockchain” – 2,558. The online employment search engine Indeed shows 521 cryptocurrency-related jobs and 1,938 blockchain careers available. (infos by news.bitcoin)

As we can see, this year will be very productive for investors and also for those looking for jobs in the area of cryptocurrencies.  News.Bitcoin said that There’s More Than 8,000 Crypto and Blockchain-Related Jobs Available in 2020.

So if you are interested, just search for Crypto Careers at: Monster, Indeed, and Linkedin.