Municipality of Zermatt, Switzerland, can pay its fees with bitcoin

It’s no surprise that Switzerland is one of the countries that embraces cryptocurrency, The most recent example of this comes from its municipality of Zermatt, which just announced that its locals will now be able to pay for taxes and other official transactions with Bitcoin.

The country goes to great lengths to make Bitcoin use common there, they has been working tirelessly to ensure that the country’s citizens can use BTC for all kinds of payments if they choose to do so.

The population of Zermatt will now have access to a PoS (Point-of-Sale) device in the Zermatt town hall, but they will also be able to use BTC to pay taxes at the communal level.

Get to know how it will work

All that Zermatt’s citizens need to do is apply directly to the Zermatt Tax Office, and request a crypto payment solution. Doing that will allow them to access the online payment portal through a link delivered via email. After that, they will be able to transfer their coins directly from their personal wallets, while Bitcoin Suisse will be in charge of exchanging the coins into Swiss francs.