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It is a tool that facilitates transactions among businesses and helps making traditional currencies easier to use with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, among others.

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About Us

Universe Coin is an international company that offers a payment gateway to cryptocurrencies, we offers immediate conversion to fiat currency for the receiver of the transfer. Anywhere in the world.

The Solution

Our technology allows transactions between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. No fee and immediate.

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Crypto Technology

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1. A iniciates a transfer to B.

2. The transaction is represented in the network as a block.

3. The block is passed on to each
component of the network.

4. The network verifies the validity of the transaction.

5. The block is then be added to the chain, which provides an indelible and transparent register of the transaction.

6. B receives the money.

The Team

Marcos Ozi

Marcos Ozi

Founder & CEO

Jorge Mesquita

Jorge Mesquita

Founder & COO

Filipe Camargo

Filipe Camargo

Founder & CIO

Miqueias Silva

Miqueias Silva

Founder & CTO

Mariana Sousa

Mariana Sousa


Sálvio Cucolo

Sálvio Cucolo

Marketing & Social Media Manager

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