Accept Bitcoin
in your establishment.

Universe Coin

Universe Coin is an international company that offers a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and an application that immediately converts the amount to the recipient of the transfer into FIAT currency.

Through Universe Coin, any merchant can receive payments in cryptocurrencies.

All transactions through an application on your cell phone and a physical gateway, debited from the digital wallet and deposited in the merchant’s bank account.

How to be Affiliate

Apply to become a Universe Coin partner by filling in the form and paying a DEPOSIT of US $499.

How much does it cost to have a UNIS POS in your establishment?
Having a cryptocurrency payment terminal in your store is FREE. It has no fees or rental costs. All you need is to order, pay the security deposit and start using it as soon as you receive the terminal. Your deposit will be gradually returned through part of our revenue in fees paid by your customers.

How long does it take to receive the terminal?
Less than 10 working days and it will arrive fully configured.

How is the transaction made and how is the money received?
The customer must only download the UNIS Wallet App and transfer their cryptocurrency to it.
Then, the POS operator needs only input the total amount of the sale on the terminal, in local currency.
As soon as payment is confirmed, you will receive the exact amount of the sale in your Universe Coin platform account.

How long do withdrawals take?
Funds will be in your bank checking account within 24 hours of your request.

What are the advantages of accepting Bitcoin Payments?
More and more customers are frequent users of cryptocurrencies. They want to use their digital currency in their daily purchases, and you have the opportunity to reach a whole new customer segment. The Universe Coin gateway makes shopping easy anywhere in the world.
Give your customers one more easy way to pay, increase your revenue and stand out from your competitors. Order Now.


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