We had an opportunity to answer the Latoken community with all the questions they wanted to ask.

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AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:01]

Hello dear community,

I will be your host for this AMA session, accompanied by Universe Coin core team member Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita.

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:02]

Jorge, would you like to briefly introduce your project to the community? We will then proceed to the questions

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:05]

Certainly, we’re working on a payment gateway for cryptocurrency supported by a physical payment terminal, mobile apps, and our token. We’ve already released our mobile apps on the Google Play Store and the App Store, and our physical terminals are being deployed too

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:06]

Thank you Jorge

We will now proceed to the questions from out community members

What does the Universe Coin ecosystem include? What is the role of UNIS token in the entire Universe Coin ecosystem?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:09]

The ecosystem includes the payment gateway, business-side management platform, the physical terminal, and our mobile apps. Our utility token can be used to make payments, and to reduce fee costs for users when they use it to pay for fees.

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:11]

Thank you. Could you please expand more on the business side of your ecosystem? E.g. tell us more about your payment gateways and how and where they have been currently implemented?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:16]

The business-side platform is used to manage every aspect of the interaction between a business and Universe Coin, so that businesses may track their day-to-day operations when customers pay with cryptocurrency. This service is free of charge for businesses.

Like I mentioned our mobile wallet apps have been released and we have already partnered with businesses in Brazil and Portugal, and deployed physical terminals at these establishments.

In Portugal we’ve already partnered with a developer and will be processing cryptocurrency payments for real estate for Golden Visa applicants

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:22]

This is great!

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:22]

Golden Visas allow investors to obtain Portuguese citizenship which allows them to access the European market, so we’ve very excited about that

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:22]

This is indeed very exciting and unique

We have the next question from our community: Currently, there are many projects growing strongly, so why should we choose UNIS and not others? What are the highlights of UNIS?

Universe Coin — Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:27]

Firstly we can reach any location in the world, at no cost to a business. Through our physical terminals, we allow businesses to easily set up cryptocurrency payments and we progressively refund the initial cost of our terminal, depending on sales volume.

We also take away businesses’ legal and accounting concerns since they receive payments in fiat, making it even easier to adopt crypto

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:29]

Thank you Jorge

The next question from our community is the following: Is my personal data 100% safe on UNIVERSE WALLET? Is UNIVERSE WALLET data security technology completely safe for customers?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:32]

Absolutely. Security is one of our main concerns and we’ll always do everything to ensure it.

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:34]

Thank you. The next question: Could you give me 2 or 3 key points to convince me and other angel investors to invest in $UNIS in long-term?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:40]

We’re in one of the biggest markets worldwide volume wise, with competitors such as Visa and Mastercard, where we offer a distinctive service that no one else does. Our objective is to reach 25 million businesses, and 200 million UNIS users, within 5 years. That will inevitably result in the adoption of our token for payments, which will drive value growth.

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:41]

Sounds very good, thank you

The next question: How does Universe Coin evaluate the importance of the user community? In the near future, does Universe Coin have any special plans to attract and expand the community?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:47]

Our users are of the utmost importance, of course. They’re our whole business model. Our main concern is to offer our users the best service possible. We are building a community management team with representatives from around the world, which will allow us to get a foothold in new markets.

We have also recently released an online ecommerce store with premium products from our users, with, like I mentioned, high profile partnerships with developers both in Portugal and Brazil. Our goal with the store is to obtain trading volume at this stage.

Through ongoing development, the next phase for our store is to extend its service to every partner business of ours

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:53]

Thank you Jorge, this is very good. As we touched your partnerships, here is one more thing our community was interested in:

How many partners currently have trusted Universe Coin technology and what benefits do these partners bring to Universe Coin and vice versa?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 14:57]

We have partnered with 6 businesses with a combined business volume of over $700M. They’re very important for us not only due to their size, but because they’ll make it easier to convince other businesses, while we allow them to adopt crypto quickly and with ease, requiring very little training of their staff and removing legal and accounting concerns since they receive fiat currency, like I mentioned.

As well as helping businesses reach the cryptocurrency user market, of course

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 14:58]

Thank you. One more important question: Looking at the structure of Universe Coin, do you think the protocol is ready to receive a massive adoption?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 15:00]

Certainly, given these high profile partnerships we stress test our services, and they’re easily scalable.

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 15:01]

And one more: Do you have any plan to implement burn mechanism or something to reduce the supply?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 15:02]

Not at this point, but we will introduce supply slowly over the years, never going over the max cap of course.

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 15:03]

Sure, thank you. And probably the final and the most important question that everyone wants to know about:

Which specific aspects about technology and marketing strategy that make Universe coin team believe that your project will be successful?

Universe Coin – Jorge Mesquita, [24.02.20 15:12]

You’ll have to forgive me because I’m not actively involved with development, however our development team has some of the most talented, knowledgeable, and passionate people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I’m fully confident of their ability. We’re also very excited about our already sizeable partner sales volume, and we’re specifically working on a community management team like I mentioned.

We’re also actively seeking regional distributors to help us with a faster adoption of Universe Coin.

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 15:14]

Well, I believe we are done with today’s AMA, it was a pleasure to have you with us Jorge, answering these questions with so much details and passion!

As mentioned previously, the 5 lucky users who had their question selected will be rewarded with $10 worth in UNIS tokens, so stay tuned! 🙂

And do not forget to participate in the ongoing token sale here: https://go.latoken.com/5i

I’d like to thank everyone who has been with us for the AMA, and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find us at universecoin.io

AMA LATOKEN, [24.02.20 15:16]

Dear Community, we hope you enjoyed the time during our AMA session with Universe Coin team. For now, we will unmute the group, so you can exchange your ideas and opinions on the session. Thank you!