Enter the draw and win a Porsche 911

Buy 10 usd dollars from our unis token during the ieo period!

Here you will find all the regulations for this event that will guide you to the final draw of this magnificent Porsche 911 latest model!


The investor enters the IEO page of LATOKEN and buys a package of 10 tokens or multiples of 10 tokens in order to participate in the drawing of this 911 porsche.

For each package of 10 single tokens that the investor buys, he can answer a question that qualifies him for the drawing of the Porsche 911.

The question to be answered will be: in which city in germany is this magnificent Porsche 911 waiting for you?

After checking with the investment LATOKEN, the investor will receive an email with a bulletin or newsletters if it is the case for multiple investment, to answer the question that will be asked and qualifies you to participate in this hobby and to draw a magnificent Porsche 911.

After registering with ieo on the LATOKEN website and purchasing the unified tokens, the investor must send an email to [email protected] with proof of investment.

On the other hand, the investor has the right to answer the question for each package ie: Each package purchased corresponds to an opportunity to answer to hit the city of Germany where Porsche 911 is located.

Whoever gets the name of the city that will be announced on February 28, qualifies for the draw of this magnificent Porsche 911, which will take place on March 1.

On March 1, the name of the winner of this competition will be published and will be contacted to deal with the legal procedures to receive this magnificent Porsche 911.

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